With a „classic“ trade credit insurance the supplier concludes into a contract with the insurance company in order to secure his outstanding trade receivables. In this case the supplier has to provide a substantial self-retention

If the coverage is effected via euro delkredere the customer (=buyer of the goods) initiates the insurance. In this case the supplier does not have to provide a self-retention, his receivables are genereally fully covered.

We offer improved supply chain cover from a buyer’s and supplier’s perspective

Suppliers and euro delkredere become contracting parties for a defined term in the case of central settlement using del credere cover. This provides security and stability in a transparent contractual relationship.

By signing the central settlement and del credere contract the supplier acquires full cover of his receivables.

The supplier obtains a direct claim for payment against a financially sound credit insurer with „AA-“-rating to the full amount of his receivables.

Central settlement process

euro delkredere pays the suppliers – other processes are not affected! We ensure a smooth and transparent process and provide the supplier with timely reporting of payments.

The terms of payment agreed between the customer and supplier are not changed nor are any other conditions and agreements.

euro delkredere does not know the product purchase prices and conditions. The supplier continues to send his invoices to the customer only.

  • Direct claim against the insurer
  • Rating for Zürich and Euler Hermes actually „AA-“

The customer releases the payments together with euro delkredere. The suppliers receive a settlement notice from us with all the relevant details for accounting one day before the payment. Accounts receivable management can clear the open items and arrangements can be made for the expected payment.

Substantial advantages for our customers and suppliers.

The advantages for you are clearly defined!


euro delkredere offers its customers:

  • Strong credit worthiness by having a strong insurance partner who covers all open items („AA-“-rating)
  • Almost independence from external trade credit insurance behaviour patterns and frictions within the industry
  • Less complex reporting requirements
  • Coordination in case of a crisis or restructuring only with one partner
  • No termination in a crisis – euro delkredere even remains focused on a solution then
  • Agreements must be kept, our customers have contractual security
  • Relieve of the purchase department from quite couple administrative alternative solutions (e.g. bank guarantee)
  • Less transaction costs in the payment process

euro delkredere offers suppliers:

  • Generally full cover against the default of their customer
  • Constant assessment of the customers creditworthiness and enlistment of a reinsurer with „AA-“-rating in an insured event
  • An outstanding alternative to their own current trade credit insurance, among other things as there is generally no self-retention due with the model from euro delkredere
  • Effective agreement on all possible rights with regard to the reservation of title
  • Bundling of payments for a company group
  • Stronger relationship with the buyer

Special solutions

In cases such as:

  • Restructuring
  • M & A processes
  • Insolvency

euro delkredere also offers advantage services for our customers that have been proven and tested in practice.

For our customers and their owners:

We are a team of managing directors which has successfully led international companies during crisis and restructuring in both trade and wholesale as well as in production. We listen and develop customised solutions.


For suppliers:

In the event of an insolvency all outstanding receivables insured via euro delkredere will be handled in a professional manner. Among other things, this includes asserting the rights with regard to the reservation of title with the insolvency administrator. The defaulted receivables are paid as soon as possible in agreement with the insolvency administrator.


As soon as possible we carry out advaned payments.

During the entire process, the interests of the suppliers bound to us by contracts, are always given priority.

Insolvency administrator / Trustee

During insolvency proceedings, the insolvency administrator or trustee gains a reliable partner in euro delkredere.

In particular, in the event of a debtor-in-possession insolvency („planned insolvency“) safeguarding of the supplies will be the highest priority. euro delkredere has achieved this in several cases.

In cases of crisis and extraordinary situations we also ensure stability in the supply chain.

We were able to find solutions to cover the suppliers during the preliminary proceedings.

Security for imports

euro delkredere is in a position to offer suppliers abroad, who discharge their supply commitment by delivery to a ship owner or forwarder (FOB, FCA etc.), full insurance cover for the outstanding receivables against the risk of default by the buyer.

The advantages of central settlement with respect to risk management and strengthening returns for customers will now also apply to purchasing activities abroad.

The advantages for the customers are:

  • No need for a letter of credit
  • Specific cost reduction
  • euro delkredere offers a full package of del credere services

The advantages for the supplier are:

  • Full protection against the risk of default by the buyer
  • Claim for payment against Zürich Versicherungsgesellschaft AG or Euler Hermes SA – Zweigniederlassung Wallisellen in the insured event
  • No need for any other securities
  • All rights concerning reservation of title have been agreed on effectively

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